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Aircraft & Vehicle Recovery
BREAST Jobs Website

History of Vehicle Recovery
Recovery Industry Support Charity
Milly Tant Website
Met Police's TDV Garage
Emergence Services MayDay event

Misc. Websites
Andy's Video
Hill Street Blues Website
The Elliottonian Website
Extended Tea Break
Our Apartment to Rent
The Elliottonian Website
Viscount Stephen Piercey
Brooklands Wireless Collection
Amateur Radio Station G8HER
My Sixtieth Birthday Treat

My Assorted Videos
Brooklands Modern Videos (2000 on)
Brooklands Old Videos (Pre 2000)
Vehicle Recovery Modern Videos
Vehicle Recovery Older Videos
Brooklands Mayday Events
Personal / Family Videos
All my Aviation Videos Old and New


Andy Lambert BIO
Lambert Genealogy

Christine and Andy Lambert
In Brief:  Born into a working class family  in South West London during the nineteen forties, I grew up with an interest in things Mechanical and Electronic.

After a successful career in Vehicle Recovery, I was able to sell the specialist companies we had created, and (as they say) 'Retire To The Coast', with my lovely wife Christine. Which has given me time to create these websites:-

For the last 15 years of my working life, I had been involved with computerising and modernising the Recovery Industry. Quite a bit has been written about that and the way myself and a few others, helped change it and so I have been adding 'my' version of events, in my website "History of Vehicle Recovery".

Before I got involved with computers, I was founder and MD of The National Rescue Group and would sometimes take a video camera out with me on recovery jobs. I am now placing some of those videos on You Tube, for others to enjoy.

In the 'Eighties' I became involved with Brooklands Museum and I have remained with them in retirement. Therefore you will also find videos of some of the Aircraft, Bombs and Cars I have recovered for them.

More recently I have been recording some of the 'special events' I have been involved with, like the Emergency Vehicle (MayDay) event and jobs undertaken by BREAST (Brooklands Recovery Engineering And Salvage Team)

My other hobbies range from Amateur Radio through researching Hill Street Blues (the eighties TV series), to Photography. You will find links to website I have produced for those here as well.

Although I am supposed to be retired, I still am being asked to video events and help business with promoting themselves. You can see more about that at

Because I come from a famous family line (My 22nd Grandfather was Edward the 1st, King of England) I have researched my family and also published the results on my Family Lambert Genealogical  website.

If you have the time to look around some of  my web sites, I hope you enjoy looking, as much as have enjoyed producing them.

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